How to Apply a Promotion to Your Order

Apply Online
Promotions can be used online during the checkout process. In the Payment & Billing section of the online checkout is an option to Enter a Promotion Code. Click this to display a field to enter your promotion code and then click the Enter button to apply it to the order.  

Apply to Phone Order
If you plan to order over the phone, be sure to give the promotion code to the Outfitter that is assisting you with your order.  

Apply to Mail/Fax Order
If you plan to order via mail/fax, be sure to include the promotion code in your order form.

Promotion Not Working Online

Verify Promotion Code is Entered Correctly
Please double-check that you have entered the Promotion code accurately during the checkout.

Verify the Expiration Date
Double-check the expiration date of the promotion to ensure it is still valid.

Verify Promotion Details
Check the details of the promotion to ensure your order qualifies for the promotion. Is there perhaps a minimum order amount that must be met or is the promotion only valid for a certain category of items?

If none of the above steps resolve your issue, please contact our customer service department directly for further assistance.